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Therapies for Kids & Teens

Therapies in Ayrshire


  • Maintains growing bones, muscles, tendons.
  • Improves range of movement & aids performance.
  • Helps remove lactic acid, allowing in fresh oxygen & nutrients.
  • Reduces tension in highly used muscle groups to lesser risk of injury.

Reflexology has a similar effect to massage but works on the feet where Reflex Points relate to every structure of the body.

  • Reduces tension and stiffness in the muscles without actually working on the actual sore area.
  • Brings body into balance ensuring everything working at optimum levels.
  • Both treatments Improve overall wellbeing – reduce anxiety & nervousness but aid sleep in advance of events, as well as increased flexibility, motivation and enhanced concentration to achieve optimum performance.

REIKI: Kids soak up Reiki like a sponge!

  • Calms excess energy to reduce tantrums, anxieties, sleep problems, pain & discomfort.
  • Effective for Hyperactivity and ADHD.
  • Helps Teenagers going through hormonal changes – difficulty in being understood, fitting in with the crowd, moods, lack of confidence, pressure of school work & exams.

KCR: Good for injuries, mobility, flexibility - resulting in improved performance.

BOWEN: Works well with pain, mobility, Digestive & Respiratory problems.

EFT: Works on fears, phobias, anger, nerves for exams, interviews, driving tests, flying, etc. Is a great tool to rid mind of negativity, improve self belief, give focus, concentration and motivation. One session can provide the tools for dealing with any other matters that crop up.

CBT: Covers a wide range of issues by enabling person to reflect on reactions /responses to everyday situations improving relationships and reducing conflict.

NB: Minors need a parent or guardian in attendance

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