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Nutritionist and Dietician Services

Diet Advice in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire

Feeling below par? Small changes in your diet may lead to big changes in your health. Try an appointment with Nutritionist and Dietician, Lorna Willock. Specialising in food allergies, weight loss, IBS, fatigue, blood sugar balancing and much more. Find out more about Lorna by visiting her website or liking her Facebook page.

Nutritional Therapy Appointment (£65)

A nutritional therapy appointment lasts 90 minutes, however significant time is spent analysing client questionnaires and food diaries prior to the session. This enables me to have a broad overview of health problems, nutritional deficiencies, stress levels, food likes and dislikes, cookery skills etc before we actually meet. Each menu plan is individually tailored to the needs of the person and has to be 100% do-able.

Other Treatments available (All £35 for one hour)

Balancing Blood Sugar Levels and Sugar Rehab

Whether you’re diabetic, pre diabetic, suffer low blood sugar problems e.g. shakes, low energy or are addicted to sugar this one hour consultation could help you on the road to managing your condition/addiction. I’ll teach you all about keeping blood sugar levels steady and therefore improving energy.  As I have written a ‘Healthier Baking’ book I am very able to put you in the right direction to find healthier treats for yourself and the family.

Spring Detox

Whilst we happily spring clean our houses would it not be a great idea to ‘spring clean’ our bodies too? With the use of dietary measures coupled with a few simple naturopathic techniques we can start the warmer months feeling energised and refreshed. Each consultation is based on the current health state of the client whilst I make the treatment do-able by working within the parameters of their cooking skills and time restrictions.

Nutritional Analysis

Looking at two weeks of food diaries to see whether the client is covering nutritional needs in macronutrients e.g. protein whilst ensuring the all the vitamins and minerals and essential fats are present within an eating plan.

Weight Loss

Whilst I cover weight loss in my full assessment (includes allergy testing) I also offer a one hour session. During the hour I work with clients current food diaries explaining where simple changes could be made for fast weight loss and checking the weight loss plan contains plenty of thermogenic (fat burning) foods necessary for speeding up metabolism.

Feeding Fussy Kids

This is for worried mums and dads who at their wits end in how to get healthier foods into the family. I will give loads of ideas in how to present (and hide) vegetables and fruits into the diet. Also many children nowadays favour carbohydrate foods over protein. As protein is an essential building block many children may suffer as a result of making poorer choices e.g. too many meals of pasta and tomato sauce!

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